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Time always goes by too quickly!  I can’t believe that another month has gone by, and it’s time for my second film-themed blog circle. My January post is here, if you missed it.

At times, I find my passion for photography can get in the way of being present in the moment. There certainly is an art to balancing capturing moments for my family and simply enjoying the moment. To strike that balance, I started to search for a small and portable film camera to take with me everywhere. While i have my iPhone to capture snapshots of my kids digitally, I still wanted something small and portable to be able to shoot film when I wanted. I discovered the Olympus XA, a small (so small it fits in the palm of my hand), mostly manually-operated, vintage camera. I love the fact that that I get to wind the film manually with the dial on the back of the camera after each picture taken (total nostalgia for me, someone who was born in the early 1970’s). Plus, I love the fact that it is so small that I can easily slip it into my pocket or throw it into my purse and take it anywhere.

This past month, I received back my film scans from my first roll of film (Kodak Portra 400) from this little treasure of a camera. As you can see, it took me quite awhile to work through these images, as my favorites are from fall. Little did we know that shortly after these fall images, what seems like the longest winter in Wisconsin history and the polar vortex snuck up on us.

I specifically took this little camera with me on a walk and to the park. I loved having the freedom of being able to quickly snap a picture when I wanted, and having the freedom to play with my kids without about worrying about wrecking my “big” and “nice” camera. I simply loved being more present.

I could not get over the beautiful blue sky and the golden leaves.

golden leaves on trees in cedarburg wisconsin

My five-year-old who is always looking for sticks, rocks, leaves and just about anything nature related, was thrilled at her giant, golden Maple leaf that she found on the way to the park.

five year old girl holds a golden leaf on a warm day

On another day, here she is checking out a piece of grass.

five year old girl looks at a piece of grass on a fall day

My daughter looking so small, after she ran down the hill, anxious to get to the park and to check out the geese by the pond.

five year old girl stands in a big field of grass

My two-year-old smiling ear-to-ear while swinging.

Toddler girl swinging in swing on a fall day

Lastly, I find part of the the beauty of film is that sometimes there are surprises.  There is perfection in the imperfection. I find this refreshing in a digital age where everything is Photoshopped (many times too far), or deleted right away after looking at LCD screen on the back of the camera. While this image is out of focus, I love the hazy and ethereal quality, while still being able to make out my daughter’s expression (I believe it’s her famous “fashion pose”).five year old girl give attitude

Thank you so much for taking time to look at my favorite film images.  I am always humbled when someone stops by to take a look at my photos.  Next up is Gretchen of Gretchen Willis Photography – please go take a look at her film images from this past month.  I personally am excited to see what her film images are this month!

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  1. Great reminder Jennifer! I think having the time before getting to see the images is something that is so wonderful about film. Right now you are able to enjoy the beauty that you saw in the fall. Just lovely!

  2. I just love the sky. Film is so great for things like that. You would never get a sky like that digitally. Love your images this month.

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