Classic. Timeless. Simple.

I particularly love this quote by Ted Grant, a famous Canadian photographer:

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.”

Color certainly has its place in the photographic world, and while I love color images, black and white images seem to have a special place in my heart. They are timeless, classic and beautiful. I find beauty in the simplicity of the images. No color. Less distractions. The focus is on the subject, emotions and expressions.   When I had an opportunity to participate in a blog circle with other photographers that focuses solely on black and white imagery, I knew it was for me.

This past month, I took a few days and focused on capturing moments that would ultimately be black and white photos.  I hope you love my results as much as I do, as well as see the beauty in the simplicity of the images.

First is my youngest (who is not so much of a baby anymore, but I still think of her as my baby girl), enjoying some free time coloring after she got dressed for dance class.  I love how focused she is on her work.  And of course, I love the fact that you can see that she still has dimples on her hands:



Here, I adore her pursed lips as she contemplates her masterpiece:



I don’t think I can get enough of her expression of sheer joy after I let her jump on her brother’s bed:



And, pausing for a moment before more jumping (those eyes…..):


My older kids are harder to photograph since they are in school all day and have started to simply shun the camera (or, more likely me with the camera).  Fortunately, I did manage to capture my five-year-old during some down time after school (those lashes…..):




I also am always noticing light patterns around the house.  Here is a small chest of drawers, that everyday, I notice how the light shines through the blinds, lining up perfectly with the handles:



I also love the bright, warm sunlight that shines through our patio door every afternoon, beckoning me outside.  I could only wish it was as warm out as the sunlight was bright – it’s been a brutal winter and at the time I took this image, I’m not sure it was above zero degrees.



Lastly, everyday between 3:00 and 4:00 a cross is formed on our neighbor’s garage door.  I love the contrast between the hard shadow of the cross, and the softer shadows that are cast from the trees in front yard of our house.  Their home is directly across the street from our kitchen windows and this is my view as I prepare dinner and help with homework.



I hope you enjoyed  my black and white images as much as I did capturing them – I can’t thank you enough!

Next up in the blog circle is Jaclyn Shepard Photography – please take some time to visit her black and white images and continue through the blog circle until you reach my page again. I personally can’t wait to see what the other talented photographers captured this month.


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  1. Jennifer! I am completely in love with you b&w conversions! It is amazing how you can look at something so differently knowing that you will be post processing into b&w. Thank you for sharing!! xo

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