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My youngest is my constant companion, especially while my older three children are in school. She’s two. She’s active. She’s expressive. She definitely has a mind of her own. She is super loving. She is super smart. She is my shadow and follows me everywhere. We have great little conversations. I love every moment with her and I love her beyond words.

I love to capture her everyday moments.  I will cherish these ordinary days that we have together forever and am so grateful that I have many of the seemingly mundane moments captured. But, they are far from mundane ~ they are special, and I am forever grateful that I can watch my baby grow up right in front of me.  Of course, she is my favorite subject during the day. Active two-year-olds can be hard to photograph in a traditional way. I just love to observe and capture them in their element, or have a little chat with them, and watch them bloom and open up.

She is a definitely a dancer:

toddler girl dancing sun shadow film black white photography

toddler girl dancing sun shadow film black white photography

toddler girl dance class north shore dance studio mequon wisconsin


She loves watching her favorite movies (current favorites are Disney’s Frozen and Monster’s University):

toddler girl watching movie

toddler girl watching movie


She can be pensive and serious:

toddler girl pensive


And she can definitely be smiley and happy:

toddler girl happy


She loves the outdoors and her snowman:

toddler girl playing snow smiling winter film analog photography

toddler girl playing snow hugging snowman film analog photography

This month’s film post is part of a film blog circle with other photographers from Light Inspired. Up next is Stacey Petersen Photography ~ please take a look at what fabulous images she is sharing this month and continue on in the circle until you return back to me.

{Film Geekery:  Black & White photos taken with Nikon N80 and Kodak Tri-X 400 rated at 800 and pushed one-stop in development; color photos taken with Nikon F100, Kodak Ektar rated at 100.  Both rolls developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab.}

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