Ten on Ten: My Favorites from January 2014

I am super excited!  I am participating in my first blog circle!  Through my photography journey, I have connected with some really great photographers at Light Inspired.  We are all sharing our top ten images monthly, on the 10th of each month. I cannot express how much I appreciate you taking taking time to look at my top ten favorite images from January.

But, before the images, I do need to provide a little background:  I remember as a child looking through the photographs that my parents had taken from years past. They weren’t in an album, but in the bottom drawer of one of the dressers in my parents’ bedroom. I would love to look at the pictures in the drawers. I would very carefully hold the pictures, making sure to touch only the edges, and intently consider the images.  I was fascinated with the people, locations, clothing, expressions and emotions. One of my 2014 goals has been to shoot more on an everyday basis. One of the main reasons I ventured into photography is because I wanted to capture the everyday moments and to pass the tangible photos onto my children. Despite starting a business, I don’t want to forget what gave me the passion for photography in the first place: beautifully capturing the details and emotions of my everyday life.  It’s these little details about my kids that may so easily be forgotten.  I want my children to have the same experience of intently looking at images from years past as I did.  For this reason, I’m sharing with you my favorite top ten images that capture the details of my January 2014, the little details I am so happy I captured.

The twinkle of the lights from the Christmas tree, which we happily leave up through the first week of January:



My two-year-old playing for what seems forever with her melting snowman kit:



Of course, she needs to admire her work, and wait for her snowman to “melt”:



Her itty-bitty pig tail on the top of her head:

toddler little pig tail


Her little toddler belly:

Cute toddler belly


Her little feet on her chair while eating breakfast (crumbs included):

toddler feet


The cold mornings from the polar vortex:




And, school cancellations and getting to play all day:



Thank you again for stopping by to take a look.  Next in the circle is Jessica Kutlik, sharing her favorite images.

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