I really love film. For me, there is something just so special about capturing a split second in time, and having it preserved forever on something tangible, the film negative. It’s not easily deleted, just as the digital images we capture everyday are. There is just something so very real, authentic, and genuine about film ~ you can’t delete that moment that was captured because it wasn’t good enough or it wasn’t perfect.  It’s just so different from the way life is lived everyday with technology: it’s just a slower and more organic process that I appreciate and love.

As a result of this slow-growing love affair I have with film, one of my personal goals this year is to simply shoot more of it. So far, I have been achieving this goal since I have been shooting a little bit every day, and actually carrying one of my film cameras with me everywhere I go. To keep myself motivated,  I jumped at the chance to participate in a monthly blog circle with some fellow photographers, where we all will be sharing some of our film work each and every month.

Both a positive and a negative of film is the fact that you can’t see your work immediately. That simply means I won’t have any snowy and wintery images to be sharing with you (I think we’ve had enough of winter anyway) because my current work is sitting on a shelf, waiting to be sent off to a film lab, while I finish up a few other rolls.  So, to help everyone who is stuck in cold weather and the snow, I’m going to share some of my favorite warm, summer images to remind us all that one day, we will be enjoying the sunshine, warmer temperatures, trips to the community pool, county fairs, and summer vacations.

My little ones enjoying the community pool (Nikon N80 & Kodak Ektar 100):



My now five-year-old picking flowers for mommy (Nikon N80 & Fuji 400H):



More of my little muse, trying to be so patient while waiting for the Fourth of July parade to begin (Kodak Portra 400) and inspecting one of her latest discoveries while on vacation in northern Minnesota (Kodak Ektar 100) (both images were captured using a Mamiya 645 Pro):



My muse and my baby girl playing in the lake and on the beach in northern Minnesota, where we vacation every year.  Heading there is a family tradition that we love, and the kids look forward to each and every year (Nikon N80 and Kodak Portra):



Nikon F100 and Fuji 160S:



My husband, his father, and my son all returning from a day of fishing (Mamiya 645 Pro and Kodak Ektar 100):



And lastly, some of my miscellaneous favorites:  my baby girl hanging out in her stroller at the community pool, my son getting ready to go down the slide while on vacation, and the sheer joy on the face of my five-year-old on a County Fair ride (Nikon N80 and Kodak Ektar 100):

Summer Fun. County Fair Ride. Boy on Slide.

Thank you so much for taking time to look at some of my favorite film images.  I hope they brought a little warmth and sunshine to your day. Next up is Stacy Pederson Photography ~ I can’t wait to see the film images she has to share!

3 thoughts on “Film Love

  1. You rocked all of these Jennifer. I love the blues in the Ektar (one of my favs at the beach and pool) and the softness of the Fuji 400H. Don’t you just love how you can capture images in full sun like the boat image and not blow out the sky or water. All things I love about film.

  2. Oh Jennifer, these images are so beautiful. I just LOVE the way film captures summer life. It’s amazing, each of these images look like they’ve been painstakingly edited to get just the right look and yet I know that’s just what film looks like. The colors are beautiful! And your composition and storytelling are fantastic!

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