My Photography Vision

I recently had to take a step back and take a break. Trust me, it was not intentional. I only wish that it was. Things were left undone and I fell behind. Things were not how I wanted them to be, and it pained me to no end, since I hate to be behind or a disappointment. I do promise to talk more about this soon in a future post.

To sum it up, I was in pain, had to think of what life would be for my children without their mother and ultimately humbled at the fragility of life.  Life does not always going to go according to our own plan, does it?

During that break, I was able to reflect about life and what I had hoped for my business. During this time, it became clear that I was meant to do this:


Celebrating New Life,

New Parents,

New Siblings,


New Families.

I also used this time to do work behind the scenes, including curating gorgeous, high-quality prints and products that will last and be passed down to future generations. I believe that photographs need to be printed. Time passes and technology changes, and someday, electronic versions of photographs may not be able to be accessed.

This actually happened to me recently. My oldest daughter is now 14 years old and heading to high school. To get ready for her 8th grade graduation, each parent had to submit pictures to be included in a slide show to show at the graduation ceremony. I knew finding a decent picture from when she was little would be tough, as I only had the prints, but that proved to be the easy part. When she was about a year or so old, I started having digital images put on CD’s. This was in 2002. I pulled out my boxes of pictures, found my envelope, put my CD in the computer, and…… go. I almost cried and panicked a little bit.  Fortunately, I had all the physical prints and not all was lost, but the thought of my security blanket, the images on CD, was gone, just torn away.

Seattle Photoworks CD unreadable
Seattle Photoworks CD. Thanks to the “Free Image Management Software”, my images are inaccessible.

After some help from Google, I was able to find some free software that accessed the images on CD.  But how long will that work? I now have a short-term of getting all those images onto my computer and backed-up.

Where am I going with all this? Images that you have taken today that are on your computer, on a CD, on a DVD or on a USB, may not be accessible forever. Please make sure you print your images so ten years from now when you pull out that USB and you find out that those images are not accessible anymore, you have the physical prints. Put them in albums for your kids to look at. Have you seen the look of wonder and joy when they look at real photographs in an album? It’s priceless. It’s just not the same as viewing images on a screen. It’s. just. not.

If you’ve made it this far, I sincerely appreciate it. Ultimately this whole journey led me to my vision for my business:

Jennifer Frarck Photography

believes that

Soft, simple and emotive imagery reveres the miracle and

details of new life, love and the beauty of motherhood,

fatherhood, and family


Validating every Milwaukee area mother and father’s deeply felt connection to their unborn child, newborn and newly formed family which is

achieved through

an expertly guided photographic experience, and heartfelt and stirring imagery that is displayed on or in unique hand-curated heirloom prints and albums.

If we work together, please know that my goal is for every customer to leave with a physical product: prints, an album, a wall display, or a memory box. Do you have a passion for gorgeous, quality products? Then Let’s Connect and chat to see if we’re a fit.

p.s. Be on the lookout for images of these products! I’m currently gathering product samples so everyone has an opportunity to see and feel each and every product. I can’t wait to share them with you!